In 1969, Equipaer developed air-to-air targets for the Air-Strike Squadron based at the Santa Cruz Air Base.

This pioneering project allowed the company to acquire skills for developing products and technical support to the Brazilian Air Force for their training missions. On the other hand, it also brought strategic and economic benefits to the country, with the development of a local supplier. The project opened new perspectives for the company, which invested in developing new aerial targets with more sophisticated detecting systems such as the Acoustic Target System.

In the mid 80`s the company developed 70mm Rocket Launchers systems, having currently 6 different types of models in its product portfolio and being the main supplier of the Brazilian Air Force for this type of product.

Following its entrepreneurial spirit, the company developed the missile adapter for the AL-X/Embraer program and a bomb and rocket dispenser.
Equipaer is today the sole supplier of aerial targets for gunnery training and the main supplier for 70mm rocket launchers to the Brazilian Air Force, providing a broad range of products and technical support.

The company is certified in two distinct quality assurance systems, it also fulfills the aerospace quality requirements, and also implemented industry´s best practice management controls systems.